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I’m very proud to have my work shown in Fabulous Floors magazine and to represent ASID in promoting the Interior Design Profession.  This ad showcasing a vinyl flooring project of mine ran in the March ’14 issue.

Fabulous Floors, Concrete Flooring, ASID, ASID Advertising

This second ad appeared in the February ’13 issue.

Those of you who know me know how much fun this is for me as I used to be on the advertising side of the house when working for a large computer company.  I tried to find some digital prints of those ads to share with you but came up empty handed.  Both me and the technology have moved on!


Inspiration is at the heart of my luxury design services. What’s inspiring you?  Make your home or business interior the best it can be and contact me for online or in person advice.  (916) 834-9751

A very special dressing area for a very special client is finally revealed.

Dave Adams Photography, Interior Designers Granite Bay CA, Barbara Barry Furniture

A backlit mirror from Electric Mirror and a dramatic chandelier light this lovely spot for prepping.  Her jewelry is neatly stored in shallow cabinets which flank the vanity.  (Yes, that is a Barbara Barry chair.)

Closet Design

Purses and shoes are both admired and easily selected for the outing or event.

Marble Bathroom Counter

This marble vanity counter with classic edge detailing will always be in style.

Cabinet Knobs, Crystal Knobs, Bathroom Wallpaper

I thought you’d enjoy this tight shot of the wallpaper and the sparkly knobs.  The knobs make my client smile each time she passes the space.

Dressing Room Renovation

This is what I started with as my client was moving into her new home.  I was thrilled when she agreed to my proposal to turn this area into something more useful and personal.  Hard to believe that the space started out like this, no?  My client and I are both delighted!

Inspiration is at the heart of my luxury design services. What’s inspiring you?
Make your home or business interior the best it can be and contact me for online or in person advice.
(916) 834-9751

Those of you who know me know that I love Jeff Lewis and his team.  Jeff is bold, brash, and generally spot on, Jenny is tempered and full of grace and humor….. The new season of Flipping Out starts today on Bravo TV.  Watch with me!

Jeff Lewis & Laura Neuman

In San Francisco at the Design Center a few years ago…..


And this past June in Los Angeles at the Dwell on Design conference.  I think Jenny had her baby the following day:)  Watch this season with me!


Inspiration is at the heart of my luxury design services. What’s inspiring you?
Make your home or business interior the best it can be and contact me for online or in person advice.
(916) 834-9751

Sacramento Magazine

It is wonderful to be featured in this month’s Sacramento Magazine.  Editor Joan Waters wrote an article on interior design trends in the area and I was featured.  Bravo PepperJack!

Interior Design Sacramento

Joan saw this picture on one of my project sites and it caught her eye.  This is one of my more popular images on as well.  It has to be that dramatic art.

Happy Friday Everyone!



Delighted to share with you all a sneak peek at a model home project I’ve been working on.  I just snapped these pictures and will be working on fine tuning them but couldn’t wait to show you some of the highlights.

Trinity Model Home

I used lots of artwork and dramatic colors to pull together a sophisticated and updated feel.

Stikwood Wall

Showing off finishes is the name of the game in this model home and I introduced  wood veneer from Stikwood in two locations.  The builder said it was a dream to apply.

Trinity Model Home

The view from the entry. Up- to- the -minute wallpaper, fabrics and colors were fun to work with.

Trinity Model

Here is a close up showing the window treatment fabric and large-scale art in the family room.  Yes, that is split-faced ledgestone on the wall — the builder’s choice and oh, so perfect!

Stay tuned for a full reveal of photos soon.  I’m off to Las Vegas for Winter Market and am looking forward to searching out new sources and catching up on my favorites.  I’ll try to post from the show!


Inspiration is at the heart of my luxury design services. What’s inspiring you?
Make your home or business interior the best it can be and contact me for online or in person advice.
(916) 834-9751

I’m excited to launch a fresh year of design inspiration with some fun on Pintrest.  The idea came to me as I realized I could use this tool to share a bit of the way I think when approaching my client projects. Like you and me, my clients have rich and varied histories — none of them are the same — and it is my job to curate, edit, even to cajole this uniqueness into an interior furnishings palette that is reflective, authentic and truly personal. Stylishly personal. Can’t forget the stylish part. To get at good design it is paramount that I know my client’s character — and knowing this is as important as a crunching out a functional space plan, a paint schedule, and even an ever-so-detailed elevation drawing. Where do my clients come from? What are their histories, their professions, what do they read/not read, wear/not wear. Do they have quiet lives or days full of frenzy?

So what you’ll see starting today on the PepperJack Pintrest site are character/design boards for a room I crafted three different ways, once each for three lovely and unique women: Kate, Emeline and Diana. These ladies are fictional characters, and I’d love to meet each and every one of them. They were inspired by an editorial assignment I had a few years back for the regional Style Magazine: show readers how one room could be styled three different ways without paint, new flooring or major renovations. Only furnishings.

I’ll be adding to each of the character/design boards in the coming weeks and will also be launching new character/design boards throughout the year. I hope you enjoy these characters as much as I do.

Diana loves to mix it up, the result of years of business and personal travel – a bit Asian, Native American, and even European. She loves history, fine art, her family and fortunately, her husband shares her tastes.  I’m guessing she drinks red wine, beautiful laugh lines around her eyes, and loves her steak medium rare:)

Traditional Interior Design by PepperJack for Style Magazine

Kate is a young professional with big ideas, and the moxie and quiet confidence to make things happen around her. She is single, has a tight group of loyal and interesting friends, and works hard. Kate works at home whenever she can because she likes the uninterrupted quiet;  no doubt she saves her hard-earned cash for planned travels and art splurges. Go, Kate, Go!

Contemporary Interiors by PepperJack Interiors for Style Magazine

She is wise in years and confident that her personal style and interests trump all trends.  (Pantone Color of the Year, mais non!) She is decidedly feminine but not afraid of getting dirt under her nails nor sweat on her brow as she is, after all, the daughter of a French farmer. (I imagine sunflowers, lavender, weather-worn skin.) Emeline embraces her adopted California lifestyle while cherishing her authentic heritage. Let’s have a cup of tea and talk Emeline!

PepperJack Interiors in Style Magazine

Enjoy, dear readers, and do let me know your thoughts on these characters as we move together through the year.

Happy New Year

Inspiration is at the heart of my luxury design services. What’s inspiring you?
Make your home or business interior the best it can be and contact me for online or in person advice.
(916) 834-9751


I had a fun meeting this week with Tamara Bartley from S.Harris.  So many lovely and new fabrics this season!  These two from Isaac Mizrahi caught my eye.


Did you know he introduced his second home interiors collection for S.Harris this fall?


Ever the flamboyant, this silk is called Candy Box Plaid.  The checks are huge with a repeat at 18″.


He calls this beauty Mega Chintz. Polished linen with a very large repeat as well. Hmmmm….where will I be using these?  Thank you, Tamara!

Inspiration is at the heart of my luxury design services. What’s inspiring you?
Make your home or business interior the best it can be and contact me for online or in person advice.
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Grey here, grey there, grey everywhere!  Grey is an extremely popular color at the moment – and for centuries it has been the artists go-to trick and tool.  Why? Because using grey makes all the other special colors in our lives shine fully.  It is the perfect orchestra music for the star soloist, the perfect backdrop for a dramatic story, the perfect custard for a crunchy burnt sugar brûlée topping.


Author Jude Stewart describes the color grey beautifully in her just published book ‘An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color’   I tingled with delight when I saw these quotes in the book –


The color of truth is gray –  Andre Gide, French writer and 1947 Nobel Price winner


For a painter gray is the richest color, the one that makes all the others speak –  Paul Klee, Swiss-German painter.


I was talking with my designer buddy Deanna Mackensen of ReDesign a couple of months ago and we both agreed that the colored pencil ‘French Grey’ was our favorite throughout design school and continues to be to this day.  When applied just so it brings our drawn colors closer to our intentions and our renderings more fully dimensional.

Rendering for Kitchen concept, PepperJack Interiors

I love the color orange and many of my clients love the color orange so I get to have lots of fun with it.  Do I add orange everywhere?  No, I first lay down lots of grey with finishes, paint, perhaps some wood tones, and then carefully paint in the lovely oranges with select fabrics, key pieces of artwork and accessories.  A room full of orange is overwhelming and if we are not careful our love becomes hostage in a color cave with no escape or rest for the eyes.  Just a little bit is a powerful greeting when walk into a room.


Very nice.


Even nicer……The orange is the star in this room.


The grey walls allow the lovely orange hued wood and pillow fabrics take center stage.  Would you agree with me that there is lots of color in this room even though the walls are all grey?


Same for this room.


So when a client tells me she loves orange I reply, ‘Wonderful, let’s paint the walls grey!’  Now you know.

Inspiration is at the heart of my luxury design services. What’s inspiring you?
Make your home or business interior the best it can be and contact me for online or in person advice.
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OK, Thanksgiving is over.  Were your guests comfortable?  What about those new sheets you purchased for your guest room?  Or maybe you passed on Thanksgiving and are looking forward to hosting your family for Christmas and are busy getting that guest room just right for your loved ones.

Hmmm..  If you are like most folks you are leaning toward those high thread-count sheets; the higher the thread count, the better. Right?  Not So Right.  I’m going to let you in on a trade secret that will help your select quality linens —–  ‘Thread Count’ is not what we should be looking for.


What follows is a quick primer on linens, courtesy of Eastern Accents, one of my go-to-sources for luxurious bedding for my clients.

What affects the quality of luxury sheeting?

  • The first and most important factor is the type of cotton used.  Egyptian cotton has the longest staple, usually about three inches long. A staple is what you pull from a ball of cotton. Shorter staple cottons can result in yarns that break and fabrics that pill.
  • The cotton is then spun into continuous yarn. High quality spinning produces yarn that can be woven into strong, pill resistant fabric.
  • The yarns are woven into sheeting, usually percale (crisp) or sateen (shiny and silky).
  • The last step is finishing.  This process entails using a substance or mixture of substances added to the woven fabric to render certain properties; i.e. smoothness, drape, and luster.


Why Egyptian Cotton?

  • Egyptian cotton is considered the best because it produces the longest, smoothest threads of any of the types of cotton. Egyptian cotton is less likely to produce lint or pilling, and the more it is used and washed, the softer it will get.

Types of Weaves 

Plain – better known as Percale
The plain weave is the simplest of all weaves, a simple over and under, alternating each thread, to make a “checkerboard” pattern. It is also the strongest of the basic weaves because the yarns are tightly interlaced.


Satin Can be Cotton, Silk, Poly, Wool, anything called Satin or Sateen…….

The surface of satin weave cloth is almost made up entirely of warp or filling floats (The float is the portion of the yarn that you see, which extends over two or more threads).  While the highest thread counts are made with this weave, the resulting fabric weighs a little more than what can be achieved with plain weaves. It is very pleasing to the eye, and may have a simple, smooth lustrous appearance, or have patterns woven into it.  Sateen is a particular style of satin weave.

Thread Count
Thread count is a measure of how many threads are in a square inch of fabric.  Thread count is the most insignificant measure of quality in a fabric. The quality of the fiber used to make the thread is far more important than the thread count of the fabric. To make high thread count fabrics, thread must be spun very fine in order to fit a lot into a square inch.

The more threads there are in a square inch of bed linen, the heavier the product will be, not better or softer.


So when you go shopping for those special linens, ask yourself if you are looking for crisp, silky smooth, lightweight or heavy. Don’t reach for and pay the extra price for a linen based on thread count.  Now you know!

Inspiration is at the heart of my luxury design services. What’s inspiring you?
Make your home or business interior the best it can be and contact me for online or in person advice.
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Traditional Home in Napa

I was fortunate to visit Traditional Home magazine’s Napa Valley Showhouse last month and want to share some of the highlights with you.  Kudos to Traditional Home for opening up the original Mondavi home on the grounds of the Charles Krug winery in St. Helena.

Napa Hallway

The home dates to the early 1900s with original wood flooring, built-in features and lovely plastered walls throughout.  What is so exciting about the interior furnishings and style of the home is the careful blend of contemporary and traditional elements throughout such as the current chandelier and area rugs along side   vintage artwork and built-ins.

Master Bedroom

The hallway leads into the master wing where the statement green continues.  The antique brass drapery hardware is a perfect choice and I especially love the mix of fabrics.

Master Bath

The master bathroom was completely renovated into a contemporary style with a nod to the vintage.   Hmmmmmm,  looks familiar to one I did in Davis, no?

PepperJack Vintage Bath

PepperJack bathroom renovation, Vintage 1920′s Davis, CA

Master Bath Artwork

Of course!  Artwork should be hung above the bathtub whenever possible.

Master Bath Lighting

The rock crystal sconces throw lots of light as well as classic style amidst the contemporary surroundings.

Nursery Room

The nursery is awash in color but serene at the same time.  Wallpaper, velvet, acrylic, modern art.  Just the nursery I would want for myself.

Napa Dining

Blues and greens continue into the dining room.  I applaud the design team for this room for having the courage to mix all of these elements and for pulling it off so well.

Napa Dining

Flame stitch  fabric on the Roman shades,  animal print on the chairs, Moroccan style glass in the chandelier…..

Napa Sun Porch

The blues and greens are toned down in the front sitting room to give the neutrals center stage.  I wish I had snapped a picture of the wallpapered ceiling for you to see.

Napa Family Porch

The family room is quite daring and inviting with browns, greys, and a very sophisticated yet casual feel.

Swag Lighting

This swag chandelier inspired me to move forward with confidence and place some the same way in a current project!

For those of you in the Napa area,  the show house is open through November 17th.  You can find out more at

Trinity Model Home

I’m looking forward to the coming week and the installations at my model home project in West Sacramento.  I’ll snap some pictures and share them with you in a future post.

Inspiration is at the heart of my luxury design services. What’s inspiring you?   
Make your home or business interior the best it can be and contact me for online or in person advice.
(916) 834-9751

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