What really happens behind the scenes for an interior designer?  “How does that happen”, the oops, the collaboration, frustrations, misadventures, what I worry about, some drama — I’ll be dropping no names (well, maybe some) but do think there are some fun and insightful stories here.

OK. The technology that makes me work and surely makes you work as well — our computers.  Mine is a MacBook Pro. Five years ago I immigrated from the Windows land I grew up in as I thought the pastures would be greener, life would be cooler no doubt.  The hitch was then and still is that there is very little state of the art CAD software available for the Mac (goes against the Mac brand and halo, no?).  So the virtual machine software Parallels was sold to me as the savior and I was able to run AutoCAD  (love those clean dimension lines!)  It limped along and at times I prayed and crossed my fingers that it would load and work every time I needed it to.  I won’t mention the printing and filing headaches.

It finally stopped loading, stopped working.  Here is where a huge shout out, necessary name drop, and thank you to Devin at the Apple store in the Roseville Galleria is due — he came to the rescue by reformatting my entire system, installing and configuring Bootcamp which allows Windows to run native on the Mac.  (Huh?)  And all with a smile.   Anyway, after a couple of days of hand-wringing and only a few missed files I’m up and running again.  I just wish I had backed up all my Firefox bookmarks which contained links to my dearly created resource library……Not pretty but this is the life of an interior designer.

By the way, if anyone out there is aware of incredible (reliable, file format recognizable, not too expensive) that runs on Mac please let me know.