Any chance I have I dig into ongoing information about color trends.  Did you know that design and industry professionals around the world regularly meet to forecast colors?  These forecasts which can range from a year to five years out affect the colors of our cars, home appliances, clothing as well as home furnishings.  I recently attended Benjamin Moore’s Color Pulse 2011 and fell in love with what the professionals are expecting for the short-term, and it is no surprise that the trend is inspired by our search for  ‘Balance’ in a chaotic time:  beautiful comforting colors of the farm like wheat, oat, straw, grass, sunny yellows; the more orderly near-primary colors of blue, red and yellow; our yearn for connectedness drives stronger hues of orange, yellow, greens and browns.  No balance would be perfect without a bit of ‘escape’ and Benjamin Moore expects more diaphanous shades of pinks, peaches, silvers and golds to take us away from reality a bit.

If you are interested in color and color trends — let’s talk — but you can also check out these resources:  Benjamin Moore, Color Marketing Group.