I love the days when I’m at the San Francisco Design Center.  Not only do I get to see and touch beautiful things, but I get to work with the folks that are so critical to me as an interior designer.  They fill the gaps in my knowledge,  help me tackle design dilemmas, provide pricing and specifications and offer encouragement.  The days are hard:  up before dawn to make the nearly 3 hour drive, the focused and relentless pursuit of a good design idea, the right fabric or furniture piece, the right mix of textures, the right price, size, the availability.  Stop for lunch? Hardly ever.  Always bringing a smile to my face are the dogs, dogs, dogs! I’m greeted by friendly four-legged, tail wagging furry friends in many showrooms and I can never resist a minute for a pat and scratch or even a ball toss.  Then it is back to work and to the search for that oh so perfect item.   I’m home in Loomis 13 hours later with bags and bags of samples and tear sheets and what seems like Christmas presents for my projects.  Can’t wait to dig into them in the morning.