Noel & Bob, Joan Brown

I love red and even think of it as a neutral color when combined with other colors for interiors.  Red is the color of passion, of energy, of speed (did you know you are more likely to get a speeding ticket if you drive a red car?)

I’m told by color experts that the red women gravitate toward tends to have a bit of blue in it, while the red men gravitate toward has more yellow — at least in the United States.  The red of commercial China is a bright yellow red, even though we always think of the lovely cinnabar red of the lacquered furniture.  And the red of Latin America is always a brighter red:  when I worked in corporate marketing we always had to turn up the volume on the red used in marketing materials aimed at our Latin American markets.

So I was naturally stopped in my tracks when I saw this charming oil by Joan Brown in the De Young Museum on a recent visit.  It is a big painting, probably 50″x36″,  and full of rich, thick paint and would be so fun to gaze at often!  I have the perfect place for it in my own home and have a client or two whose home would welcome this with open arms.   I have to find out more about Joan Brown the artist…….