You may have noticed colorful and spunky TV ads from Target promoting Liberty brand fashions for spring.  Or perhaps you’ve seen MAC cosmetics teaming up with Liberty to launch this spring’s fresh makeup colors.  Seems that Liberty is everywhere!   But did you know that the Liberty brand originated with home furnishings?

Liberty opened in London in 1875 selling ornaments, fabric and art from Japan and the East and was at the helm in supplying carpets and home furnishings to the fashionable and well-traveled set.  Eventually Liberty expanded to provide clothing fabrics of a quality and style that rivaled those available in Paris.

There are many iconic looks associated with the Liberty brand: one is the feminine, colorful floral motif seen adorning the Target clothing and MAC cosmetic fashions we are just now seeing in the states. Another is the well-known Art Nouveau look — at the time known as the Stile Liberty.  My own bed coverlet is made with a Liberty Art Nouveau fabric – friends and family who know me know I love all things English and I’ve had my sites on Liberty fabrics from the moment I stepped foot into the historic Liberty shop in London many years ago.

Liberty’s flagship home is still on London’s fashionable Regent street and I encourage anyone within reach to not miss a chance to take this in. Simply amazing!  Harrods is a destination, so is Liberty on Regents Street. The building is fashioned in the Tudor style and like a large home with small rooms, many fireplaces, lots of natural light and wide wooden staircases.  Bolts of fabrics are on display along side fashions and needle point kits.

A recent post of mine mentioned Osborne and Little, a fabric house with a showroom in the San Francisco Design District that is one of my favorites.  O&L markets Liberty fabrics and you can enjoy them for yourself at O&L.  Now you know!