I love the color orange (and red as you, dear reader, know): my handbag, work tote, lipstick shades and almost every shoe purchased this spring season are of this color.  So I was grateful in many ways when a new client expressed her love of this secondary color.  I’m excited by the array of beautiful fabrics recently draped on my work table:  throw pillows, drapery, seat cushions, tablecloths!  Which to use where?  As I gathered a collection of these from my fabric showroom there were so many bright hues that my assistant Mary told me she got a headache just pulling them for me.  Ahhhhhh — what Mary does not see is that these lovely oranges, tangerines, butterscotches, butternuts and paprikas, along with intentionally placed, discreet avocados and plums will make a currently lackluster white, brown, brown, and more brown family living area come to life.  Ta Da!  Yes, I see the beauty and perfect fit.  Now to add paint, organize, specify and present to my client.  Can’t wait to share.    Photo: GIPTIC, Madrid.