“How people handle the difficult things, even the failures, define their character more than how they handle the successes.”  Sage advice from my father nearly 30 years ago which I use as a guide both personally and professionally.   Interior design work takes skill and practice and requires a strong alliance with trusted trade and vendor sources.  We pick our solutions and design recommendations carefully as they not only must sound beautiful and look right on paper, they must execute to expectations as well.  While we work hard to avoid missteps, there are inevitably ‘redos’ — those items which need touching up, even rethinking during the installation phase.

I experienced a whopper ‘redo’ early in my design career: a beautiful wall paper that looked great and came from a reputable vendor, but simply did not hang well.  I cringed and fretted over it.  After some research I knew working back through the vendor and manufacturer would be useless and time-consuming.  Not doing anything would result in an understandably upset client.  I finally decided that the right thing to do was to pay to have the installer remove it, pay for different paper, and pay for re-installation.  An expensive solution for me, but the right solution for the long run.

Here’s What ‘Making it Right’ Looks Like……..

With this in mind I’m giving a big shout out of thanks and gratitude to Meritage Homes who is making things right in my own home.   About 5 years ago we noticed moisture damage in many places along the entire east-facing side of our home: windows began to fail, water crept in under the lovely and expensive Anderson doors.  A long story I won’t bore you with but I found myself back at my builders in early April asking for help.  They investigated, brought in a high-tech infrared camera to see where and how much damage there was, and brought in various trade’s professionals to weigh in.  Much to our amazement Meritage came to the table and suggested that they open up the entire side of the house, replace all the windows, and seal the home with the latest technology and stucco.  Needless to say my husband and I were speechless.  We could not be more grateful to them for making this right and yes, we’ll be singing Meritage’s praises for years to come.