Just now caught our president’s news briefing on the tragic oil disaster off the Louisiana coast.  Yes, I listened as I worked, but my eyes and mind couldn’t help but wander to the lovely fabric hanging behind President Obama as he spoke.

Did you know that many of the lovely fabrics which adorn our nation’s home come historically from fabric houses like Scalamandre?  Jackie Kennedy commissioned Scalamandre in the ’60s to recreate original silk fabrics to adorn windows, walls and furniture when she renewed the White House.

This lovely green silk velvet is characteristic of Scalamandre as well.  Until recently the fabric house was located in New York where for decades it has been producing some of the world’s finest fabrics.

One of my favorite Salamandre fabrics is called Edwin’s Covey.  Years ago this fabric beckoned me into Interior Design with the promise of enjoying it more and of helping others to experience its charms.