The tiles came on a small semi yesterday and I immediately inspected them.  To my surprise and dismay the first sheet I pulled out appeared to have colors other than expected.  Oh!  My first thought:  they created the wrong item.  My second thought: did I order the wrong thing? did I forget the color ordered over six months ago?  My third thought: another six months to get the right tile!  My client will be furious.  And my fourth and final thought: hmmmm, they really are lovely, perhaps they will work just fine?

I was fortunate to contact Mosaic House in New York before they closed for the day to alert them and have them start investigating.  I steeled myself and then phoned my client.  Much to my relief he was not furious and instead asked lots of questions and agreed to an early  morning meeting at the project to look them over and discuss our options.  Could be worse at this point.

In the morning I spoke with Mosaic House and we worked out some options and alternative solutions and I went to my client with solutions that I thought would be agreeable in hand.   This is good.

I arrived and we arranged the tiles on the fireplace construction frame.  We took a few steps back to ponder…….they really are lovely, we both agreed.  But will they work? There are rust drapes, terra-cotta floor tiles, and there were, after all, our initial expectations.  We pondered some more.  And then he said, ‘They are perfect, it is going to be fantastic’, with a warm and sincere smile a mile wide.   Wonderfully nice.

Construction starts in a couple of weeks so I’m not finished yet but am feeling hopeful and looking forward to it.  Stay tuned.