Why do I love Benjamin Moore paints so much? So. Many. Lovely and Perfect. Colors.  Enough said?  No, there is more.  I originally started working with Benjamin Moore Paints because a new client base moving into my area was most comfortable with the brand.  I quickly found that not only did the color ranges satisfy even the most demanding of color projects, but the architect and designer tools at my disposal were top-notch as well: large 5″x8″ sheets of color that were easy to layout on presentation concept boards to complete the design.

Until just recently Benjamin Moore had but scant distribution in the Sacramento area making this an ever expected challenge for me.  This challenge would always go something like this:  “My contractor/sub says he can match that color anywhere (cheaper, easier to get, etc.)”  I would consistently push back on this belief much to the dismay of the generals and subs I was working with (why is she so demanding? I could hear them say.)   But then it happened.  I had specified BM paints in a lengthy and detailed project schedule and had secured the general’s commitment to follow the brand specs only to receive an anxious morning call from him telling me his sub had disregarded the schedule and color matched ‘by the numbers’ with his own preferred source (read ‘lower cost’.)  The off-brand paint was purchased and ready to go at the project site.  What would I like him to do? he asked anxiously. I kept my calm and suggested that we test the off-brand colors against the originally specified Benjamin Moore samples and if they matched there would be no issue as long as the quality was assured.  I was almost as startled at the outcome as was the general — not one of the off-brand ‘color-matched’ paints matched those originally specified and some were off by significant amounts.   I knew this was going to be the outcome but never had seen it played out so graphically and convincingly before.   The general is now convinced; still not sure the sub really cares.   I’ve stood my ground more firmly ever since.  No substitutes.

Still, Benjamin Moore has been difficult to get in my area and contractors grimace when they realize that it’s what I’ve specified.  On a recent project I decided I would specify a fine quality paint from a brand that I knew the painter used often.  Much to my frustration my client and I kept coming back to the Benjamin Moore colors.  The changes from color to color are subtle but significant and more often than not what we wanted; there is not one fan deck, or two, but three to choose from!  The perfect reds, aquas and toned yellows!

Vista Paints to the rescue.  Vista Paints and Benjamin Moore recently announced availability at 10 west coast Vista locations, one of which is nearly in my back yard.  Ace may be the place but Vista Paints gives me and the local subs the answer to distribution woes.

There is more to love than the lovable colors. The quality. Benjamin Moore scientists discovered a method for binding the paint pigment (lovely color) with water-based paint medium in a way not seen or experienced since the days when we all used oil-based paints.   Intensely durable, washable, and environmentally friendly, all while being so lovely.  Only from Benjamin Moore. Perfect.

Other paint brands I’d love to get my hands on but know they are logistically impossible are Farrow and Ball and Pratt & Lambert, both which have no distribution in the Sacramento area.  I love all thing English, so it’s no surprise that I’m smitten with Farrow and Ball.  Made in England and steeped in historical references to designs of other times with colors like Stone Blue # 86:  referenced from the original 18th century Indigo imported as ‘stone blue’ and is shown below.   London, here I come.