Glass counter tops, fireplaces horizontal cabinet doors, beverage stations — all hot kitchen trends at the moment. I attended an NKBA presentation by Jim Kengel, Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Remodeling veteran and national expert and he detailed what both consumers and manufacturers are trending towards.   Mind you, he was quick to talk about ‘trends’ not what is ‘smart’ or ‘good’ design.  For instance, kitchen islands continue to be a highly sought after feature in the kitchen — despite the fact that some kitchens are simply too small for an island — he showed some fun photos of islands crammed into small spaces.  Horizontal drawers?  Very cool and innovative but potentially out of reach to retrieve once they are up.

Once again, a reminder to work with a professional in the design in industry not beholden to a manufacturer or particular trend.  Other trends:

  • professional appliances (even though most folks don’t/won’t use them)
  • coffered ceilings
  • open spaces
  • furniture look in cabinetry
  • wine chillers
  • concrete counter tops (another buyer beware trend)
  • walk-in pantry
  • chrome finishes on plumbing fixtures

Want to see a trendy and inspirational kitchen?  In a previous post I pined for Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo TV’s “Flipping Out”.

He was selected by House Beautiful magazine to design the 2010 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year — built and showed in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza.  Incredible!

Photos courtesy of House Design Trends blog and House Beautiful magazine