Who knew a hotel garage could be so charming?  I took my girls to San Francisco last weekend for annual back to school, back to fall shopping trip and treated them to one of my favorite hotels, Hotel Palomar.

I stayed here years ago on a business trip and fell in love with everything:  animal print carpets and  bath robes, graphic and simple blocks of color used as decoration.  Oh yes, and the location:  right on Market and 4th street where some of the rooms look down onto the glass ceiling of the adjacent Old Navy store and some look out onto the delightful busy shopping along Market.

I drove into The City on this trip, and used valet as we checked in so we were taken by surprised when we walked into the garage to pick up our car.   For a moment we thought our elevator stopped on the wrong floor.  Snappy lighting, a comfy sofa for waiting, artwork on the walls!  Had to snap the phone photo.

As you can tell dear readers, I’m inspired by travel and always hope to be delighted by my lodgings.  Which lodgings have inspired you?  Please comment!