It is with great pleasure that I share photos of my lovely Moroccan fireplace project — before, during and after.  I’ve been writing about this now for some time and have shared the ups and downs:  a 6 month lead time for tiles hand made in Morocco, color mismatch upon first inspection, contractor woes (one simply didn’t bother to coordinate schedules, the other simply failed to answer phone calls…)

Before:  A blank slate waiting for color, texture and character

Designing:  Working with proportion and researching materials — all which will affect the overall design

Designing:  Working back and forth with Mosaic House in New York City — their incredible renderings helped to solidify the design and commitment to move forward

Delivery:  After 6 months of waiting the tiles arrive and much to my dismay the colors are different from the original samples.  This should not have been too much of a surprise given that these are hand-made tiles. Nevertheless, I lost sleep.  After some back and forth about options the client and I decide the color shift makes little difference and we move ahead into the construction and installation phase.  Did the original tile contractor specify the correct quantities?  Much to everyone’s relief, yes.  Surprisingly, the original contractor gets cold feet and decides to disappear.   The next tile contractor is eager and willing and based on my previous work with him seemed competent; he decides not to return calls and goes to Disneyland instead.  Hmmmmm.  Finally, we hit the jackpot with our third tile contractor — turns out he’s just finished another extensive project in the area with these same hand-made Moroccan tiles and is undaunted, available, and professional.  Onward!

Installation:  The tile work is beautiful! And now for talented Kristina Letson of Bel Murales to complete the design with a plaster finish on the columns

After:  Nearly 10 months from start to finish with much thought, hand wringing and challenges along the way. I knew all was well and worth the trials when I literally heard the smile and delight coming from my client.  Perfect.

Photo Credits:  PepperJack, Bel Murales;  Rendering:  Mosaic House; CAD & Sketch: PepperJack