Accessories and decorative items are crucial finishing touches for any interior project.  This can be tricky as these items can (and should be)  personal to a client, and because shopping for them can be so time-consuming (i.e. expensive design time).  What I’ve found works well, however, is to put together a preliminary accessories budget and ‘concept’ plan detailing in general what I recommend.  Sometimes I even do quick sketches to develop scale and proportion.  Because items can’t be returned or at least returned inexpensively this requires a my clients place a great deal of trust in me.  With approval I’m off and sourcing, sleuthing, shopping.

A client recently shared one of her own favorite go-to shopping sites for accessories and I can’t wait to try this out for my next accessories and decorative project:  One Kings Lane. I’m thinking that many of you might find this treasure helpful as you dive into your holiday shopping.  Membership is free but does require a personal invitation which I’m happy to provide for you — just let me know and I’ll sign you up!