I’m very excited to be soon sharing with you a recently completed project.  The complete residential remodel took place over nearly 2 years with wonderful clients, a capable and patient general contractor and a bevy of trades people; the fruits of our labor are shout-out worthy.    Last week I was a busy, busy bee preparing for and producing a professional photo shoot.  It is a tremendous amount of fun and creativity and it takes me back to my days in corporate advertising where I relished the ad campaign photo shoot:  the planning, the hiring of the photographer, always the travel, and always a bit of anxiety about the results.    This effort is a bit different but no less fun and engaging.   The above photo is one I snapped with my own Nikon SLR, a child’s toy compared to the cameras, lights and skill brought in by the professional photographer.

I spent many hours of thinking, deliberating the shots and fine tuning the details;  also back and forth planning work with the photographer.

Sorting through accessories and ingredients I assembled to make each shot perfect are my namesake four-legged design assistants, Captain Jack – my vivacious Poodle mix, and Pepper – my gentle, always hungry Lab.  (Did you think the name PepperJack came from my most certain love of the cheese?)   The rooms are lovely before I begin to stage them, but the camera picks up odd spaces, voids and color imbalances that we don’t experience as we naturally engage with the space and which only staging will address.   And truth be told, some of the things which make a space beautiful in a photo are simply unrealistic in real life.  Some of the items the client and I fall in love with and will stay after the shoot but many will come away.

Stay tuned for a full look at the shoot results.  And best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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