No, I’ve not forgotten you dear readers!  In addition to a much-needed break over the holidays, I’ve been focusing on wrapping up 2010 business, which includes lots of cleaning, filing and arranging, oh yes, and some work related items in there too.

There are some fun things on the horizon for PepperJack, one of which I’ll write in-depth about in early February:  Style Magazine tapped me to create an editorial piece titled ‘One Room, Three Ways’ which will appear in the February 2011 issue.  I spent days preparing, designing, and shopping for the project which I photographed the week after Christmas.  Stay tuned for lovely images and a fun article.

As 2010 came to a close I scrambled to deliver furnishings to clients before the holidays, to install drapery and bedding, and I’m pleased that things are pretty buttoned up for the new year and I will be able to start fresh.   My website will be updated within a few weeks so I can share with you pictures of some of the lovely projects I completed including a full home remodel, and two major bath remodels in addition to the Style Magazine shoot.

As I was wrapping up things I came across a few images I intended to share with you from my October trip to Santa Fe, so I want to share them with you before I forget again.  This first snap is of the ancient (albeit fortified and rebuilt) church roof in Espanola, New Mexico, home to the world-renowned Santuario de Chimayo, just north of Santa Fe.

This painting, fresco style, adorns the outside of one of the church’s outbuildings.  I love the impressionistic style of this public work.

Art Deco adorns the stronghold doors of the 1st National Bank of Santa Fe just off the main plaza.  I love this because it reminds me of other older towns I’ve driven through in New Mexico where remnants of Art Deco’s roar can be seen all along the main streets.  I think Art Deco and the Native American motifs blend beautifully, so much so that I coined the phrase ‘Deco Pueblo’ years ago when I was decorating my first home, a 1940’s vintage cottage in which I highlighted 1930 styles but also brought in my own Native American pieces.  The walls throughout were a soft shade of adobe pink.  I have such fond memories of that cute home!

I snapped the first photo in this post — the Coca Cola cooler — in Espanola.  I was poking around the sides of some old buildings and stumbled across this.  I had only my little snap and shoot and was so pleased with the result!

Cheers — Laura

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