One of the many fun things I do behind the scenes as an interior designer is meet with representatives from furniture, fabric, lighting, flooring and tile manufacturers.  You’ve read my posts about how much I love working with fabrics and so I was looking forward to my meeting with Nancy Wrigley of Fabricut today.  I’ve worked with Nancy for years and we share the love of beautiful fabrics among other things.

She stopped by my design studio to weed through my Fabricut books and discard those that are no longer active.  New books are added as manufacturers introduce new collections and it is always great to delete the old as I’ve limited space and carefully edit the fabric books and manufacturing line samples I house.

A Design in Development for a Young Woman’s Bedroom

How do I work with the books?  I occasionally take them with me on appointments but they are bulky, and frankly, the many choices in them can distract my clients from the direction I’m heading with the overall concept; so I use them as I’m developing the initial idea and then again as I’m looking for very specific items.  My books are organized by vendor, then by type, then by color:  upholstery, multi-purpose, prints, silks, etc.  I can quickly grab books with fabrics close to where I need to start with regard to look, color and budget.  I’ll end up with a stack of books with fabric pages marked, then I look through those I’ve marked again, discarding some back to the shelves as I go.  I note product numbers and specifications, then I check price and availability and order larger samples — we call them memos — to use in refining the selection.  This last step takes some time and I often get impatient waiting for the memos to come in the daily mail, but it is essential to get my hands on the individual fabrics to test the feel, the color, and the suitability for the intended use.

Considered Fabric Combinations for a Contemporary Interior Design Project in Sacramento

I mentioned that I’m heading into San Francisco next week for the annual market.  New fabrics await me there!