I’m thrilled to be featured in Style magazine this February in an article ‘Room with a New View.  Style’s editors contacted me and asked that I create three different settings in a single room — little direction beyond that, oh and yes, the deadline was tight.  I was thankful for the flexibility to craft the imagery however I wanted,  but soon my thoughts turned to the practical:  what room? what features would change? what styles?  How to make this interesting for Style’s readers?

I quickly realized it would be impractical if not completely disruptive to utilize a client’s home, so I decided to use a main room in my own home.  I pulled furnishings from different rooms, brought in contemporary artwork by friend and artist William Ishmael, and sourced accessories and decorative items from a large list of my favorite local retail stores.

My effort to produce the work took me nearly two weeks with a single day devoted to the actual photo for each different look.   Usually it is me telling my kids to pick up the mess — the tables were turned during this time and I even overheard on of my son’s friends say ‘your house is a mess!’.

I produced four shots because I fell in love with one of William Ishmael’s paintings when I went to his studio.  I started with by styling the setting below, the setting above is shown in Style magazine.

This image is one of my favorites and hanging it in this setting  demonstrates how I like to use large scaled and unexpected artwork to pull together a room and make it extraordinary.  Needless to say, I was sad to take this lovely piece of artwork back to William’s studio.

I encourage you to read the full article online at Style magazine, or if you are local to the Sacramento area pick up a copy at your local newsstand.    Did I mention that one of my shots made the magazine cover?  Unexpected and very fun.