I was just thinking the other day about one of the things my recent and current projects all have in common — the color blue.  Turquoise blue, aqua blue, blue green, peacock blue, you name the blue and it’s been on one of my design boards.

So I was tickled when an email arrived today announcing House Beautiful’s new book “350 Inspiring Ways to Decorate with Blue” and am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.  Blue is the perfect antidote to an overdose of brown, too much orange or rust, even a fresh complement to yellows.  Lately I’ve been updating and refreshing my clients homes with a pale grey/green blue into spaces where we don’t want to discard all of their existing, somewhat tiered things of rust, orange, golds, and browns (so much brown!) The pale gray/green/blue sparks things up and makes everything appear new again.

Vintage Davis, California bathroom which I completely remodeled with lovely pale grays and cool whites and mid-tone wood finishes, then accented with deep mineral blues in the ceramics and artwork.

House Beautiful’s picture – warm tones made more lovely by the brilliant turquoise velvet.

Another House Beautiful picture — pale blues and rusts.  So fresh! Won’t you join me and add a little blue to your life as well?

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