I’m enjoying myself immensely as I develop the furnishings update for an already-lovely-home in Granite Bay, CA.  The client’s approached me with a desire to update their 12 year old residence so it ‘felt updated’ and on par with current home interior trends.  How much fun I’ve had!

I continue to be in love with the juxtaposition of warm greys and toned yellows, with a piece of modern furniture adjacent to the traditional, with a traditional lounge chair made luxe with a covering of contemporary plushy fabric.

And then there is the wallpaper, which I’ve talked about before. I considered papers by both Winfield Designs and Roger Arlington before settling on the Arlington — it is the paper in the center of the picture below and looks like sand and mica.

Below is a project I completed a few years ago and which uses this same color palette and also the intentional mix of contemporary and traditional that is also the aim for with this current project.  I can’t wait!

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