Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful

My sister just texted me, ‘What are bath color trends right now? Help!’ She and her family recently moved into a Kansas City home which is lovely with the exception of a garnish red wall color in the master bath.

Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful

While color is fun and at times the right answer, pale neutrals continue to be the trend and the classic.  I love the combination of warm pale greys, creams and off whites – I call them the Carrera Marble colors.  The stand out star color in this mix is Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige:

Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige

It is the perfect backdrop for nearly any accent color and universally flattering to complexions.   A recent post of mine shows pale greys and the Carrera Marble palette in action in spaces other than the master — Loving This

Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful

You just can’t go wrong with classic.  Ok well, then there is the powder room.  The powder room!  A room unlike the master bath and which should be handled with great enthusiasm and no fear.  I like to refer to it as the jewel box of the home as it should delight, inspire and confirm your brilliant personality to all who enter.

Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful

Wallpaper, lots of color, an offbeat mix of furnishings.  Powder room – not master bath, see?

Photo: PepperJack Interiors

Bold color, glossy black, sparkle and twinkle from the mirror and lighting.  Again, powder room, jewel box — not master bath.  You get it!

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