I read about this painting, Summer Interiors, by Edward Hopper while reading this week’s issue of the New Yorker magazine.  I’ve got a Kindle with no images, so perhaps the paper version came along with the visual.  I knew from the article that the setting was Paris, 1909.  Summer. Interiors. Paris.  Hmmmmmm, I began to envision lots of light, pale colors, clean air and flowers and fresh surroundings.  And then I searched for the image and was immediately taken aback — not what I expected at all.

But after some thought, I realized that I probably should not have been surprised.  Summer is hot, summer interiors are often hot and dimly lit, especially where there is no air conditioning.  Summer interiors are also our winter, fall and spring interiors for the most part.  Most of us change a throw pillow, even our flower arrangements, but what mostly changes is the us as we occupy our interior spaces: our clothing is lighter in both weight and color, our food and drinks are different, our daily clutter like sun screen, pool towels, and flip-flops-flopped-in-the-corner are more vivid and shout out ‘summer!’.

I’ve got no big point to this post, but do love the painting and thought you might too.  Even though it reminds us of summer’s inescapable heat.

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