Photo Courtesy of Martin Lawrence-Bullard Interiors

How many of you out there watched Bravo TV’s newest reality show, Million Dollar Decorator?  Certainly my designer friends and I did, even my personal trainer Teri did — and we loved to talk, and dish on the episodes after they aired. Comments thrown about ranged anywhere from ‘love that designer’s work’, to ‘what’s up with that British lady?’, to ‘Delicious Daahling!’.

Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Ireland Design

I’m fascinated with the show not only because the viewing audience saw beautiful interiors, but specifically because the audience saw the beautiful interiors under design and development.  Which at times wasn’t so beautiful.  The miscommunication (was I supposed to order that?), to the misunderstandings (oh, I changed the measurements), to the unreasonable client (you’re not doing anything!)  I empathized with Jeffery Alan Marks’ boyfriend/business partner/project manager Ross who tried to keep projects on time and on budget while battling contrary behavior from his boss/designer/boyfriend Jeffery.    The scale of my project work is different, but the approach and challenges are the same and I could relate to a lot on the show.

Photo courtesy of Mary McDonald Interiors

“‘It’s just a series of new problems that are constantly being solved.” Says Mary McDonald of the challenges we all saw in the last episode.  I’ve said these words to my friends (and a few clients!) so many times.   What looks glamorous on the outside is a lot of work on the inside, and some fun too.  Didn’t we all see the satisfied sweat on the Martin’s brow as he was working to install the lovely Moroccan-inspired hotel suite?

So I loved the show for showing the glamour and the reality.  The only thing I didn’t love was the increasingly tiresome cross-marketing tactics that Bravo employs with what are undoubtedly show sponsors.   The day after the episode in which Nathan Turner heads to India to purchase finds for a One King’s Lane sale, the One King’s Lane sale occurred.  Ditto with the Martin Lawrence-Bullard buying spree for One King’s Lane in London.

How many of you out there watched?  And who were your favorite designers? Least favorite?  Do Tell!

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