I am often asked about my business name, and yes, I do love PepperJack cheeses but no, this was not the inspiration.  When thinking about my business I thought of my clients and what reminded me of them and what might appeal to them.  I had just completed a string of projects when it struck me: nearly all of my clients have had pets they loved dearly.  I’ve created a lovely skirt to hide the storage space underneath a guinea pig hutch so it would be more at home in the dining room (really!),  designed soft and lounge-worthy dog beds to toss around a living room while adding to the decor, and one of my favorites – custom-made doggie trundle beds made to slide under both sides of a client’s large bed.

I thought of pets, then of my own beloved pets.  Pepper was a charming, 2 year-old gentle lab we adopted when my daughter Phoebe turned 8, a birthday gift for her, but mostly for me if truth be told.  He injected himself into our daily and nightly lives immediately.  On a weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe he insisted on sitting all 80lbs in my lap the entire drive.  When we realized he loved to swim his enthusiasm hastened the building of our backyard pool, into which he would regularly dive the 10 deep, cold feet to retrieve his bright blue plastic bone. His diving prowess never ceased to amaze and delight everyone.   He was a constant companion on our family beach trips, never tiring of chasing a stick or a ball into the surf and occasionally catching a few waves of his own.

Naturally, he thought our bed was his own at night, also that the leather sofa or my grandfather’s over-sized yellow velvet chair was a perfect fit for the two of us. He often recuperated in these spots after one of his many surgeries or mishaps — of which he suffered many but from which he always recovered with a smile in his soft brown eyes and a wag in his tail.  And he loved being my design companion on the days I worked in my home office: Pepper in a large cuddly dog bed, joined there years later by little-dog Capt. Jack, and nearby Slippers the cat tucked discreetly in hidden spot inside my jumble of wood finish samples.

I will miss this lovely fellow and can hardly believe he finally passed.  No more itching, scratching, ear or tummy aches, broken bones or lumps and bumps for him where he is going.  Off to the big swimming pool in the sky for you dear one!  Swim and play in peace.

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