Mid Century Modern

I made great progress on installing a ‘Mid Century Modern‘ inspired room this weekend and was so pleased that I posted my delight on Facebook.  So many of you have since asked me, what is Mid Century Modern? So I thought I’d take this post to explain.  I turned to Wikipedia for their explanation and, while not visual, does do justice to phrase.  Today’s Wikipedia writes that Mid-Century modern is an architectural, interior, product and graphic design that generally describes mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture, and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965.

My client’s home is in a neighborhood established in 1950 and reflects all the hope and promise of that era.  The interiors had remained untouched, save for some paint, and were in desperate need of an energy boost.  My focus was the family room, and my design approach was to stay true to the home’s provenance while providing 2012 comfort, durability and style. The following images share my design story and the many layers I combined to land at an updated family room worthy of its contemporary inhabitants as well as its origins.


I started with what always inspires me, fabric and color.  I chose a friendly, retro print for the window treatments, juxtaposed against a blue-grey color for the walls.


Next, I added a chandelier, not your ordinary chandelier.  Note the mid-tone wood and tarnished golds.  I love this chandelier and it guided the remainder of my selections and set the metal colors for items like window treatment hardware, the fireplace screen, and cabinet hardware.  All are burnished gold.  All.


Here are the decorative window treatment hardware and the freshly painted vintage (1950’s) end table.   The table was a sweet find on Etsy!


This is a family room after all, and it was paramount to select upholstery fabrics which would not only fit with the overall design but would perform like work horses.  The vinyl chosen for the 36×36 ottoman fits the bill, and the honeycomb weave on an accent chair is loud enough to combine with the bold window treatment fabric.


I selected a contemporary wool rug to visually and physically gather the seating arrangement.  It adds warmth and comfort and offsets a mid-toned hardwood floor in all the right ways.


Next, I chose art inspired by the surrounding Sacramento river deltas and farmlands to grace the walls and to further pull the color palette together.


And with the final addition of an end table lamp, a fresh, contemporary take on Mid Century Modern is complete!  I’m thrilled with the results and so are my clients.  And hopefully now you all have a better understanding of Mid Century Modern.

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