In my earlier post I wrote about working with shades of white and was off to make a final paint selection for a project nearing completion.  The existing color on the walls is already an off-white, but with a strong under-tone of yellow/red which came across as peachy.  Nothing wrong with it, except that it needed to be in someone else’s home!


My client’s favorite color is orange and these are a sample of fabrics, floor coverings and trims which I used throughout the project.  Lots of orange, browns, sharp greens and saturated blues.  And did I mention the cabinetry is cherry?  I call the color of clear-stained cherry wood orange.  (I once walked into a new client’s home, filled with cherry cabinetry — she proceeded to tell me she didn’t like anything orange!)   Dunn Edwards Fine Grain, DE6213,  is the perfect neutral backdrop for all of these colors.  They all pop with their original intent when paired with this neutral color – no fighting for attention with the wall color.


                                     Dunn Edwards Fine Gray, DE6213

It is an off-white, or you could say a pale shade of grey, which is mostly white with a neutral tints, perhaps a slightly green undertone.  A perfect supporting actor to the ensemble of oranges we are aiming to shine above all.


The end result will be like this one above – lots of color that sings brightly, is fresh and sophisticated.


Choosing the right white is difficult, but worth the careful effort.  Which white is your winner?

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