This question just in from Jane – “What is the best carpet for my busy family?  I want something soft and plushy but practical as well.  I want it to stay looking good a long time and resist the wear and tear of my every day life.”

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Well Jane, you may be surprised by my answer:  consider wool carpet throughout.  Here is why wool carpeting is an ideal fit:

1.  Wool is naturally soil and stain resistant.  Wool has a unique and complex fiber structure that both repels and releases liquids and soils more readily than synthetic alternatives.  And it does so without harsh synthetic chemicals.


2.  Wool fiber is naturally more durable — it can stretch up to 30% more than its original length and then bounce back to its original shape.  This resilience allows wool to outlast the nylon and polyester carpet alternatives and retain its original beauty over time.   You know those pesky crush marks on carpet left by heavy furniture?  Because of its natural elasticity, your wool carpet will recover and look beautiful as you move your furniture around.

3.  Wool starts out soft and plushy.  Try it yourself: rake your toes through the nylon carpet sample, now do the same with the wool sample.  No contest. Wool wins for softness hands down.


I’m guessing that right about now Jane is saying to herself, “Yes, but isn’t wool pricey?”  Nylon and polyester carpets are petroleum-based products and over the past decade have risen in price just as the price of fuel for our cars.  Today there are lovely, good quality wool carpets which are in the same price range as the mid-range to higher-end synthetics.

In addition to the benefits I’ve already mentioned, there are environmental reasons why wool carpeting is such a good choice:

1.  No-off gassing and nasty smells upon installation.  You all know that smell.  Not with wool!


2.  Wool is environment friendly.  It’s produced from an entirely renewable source (grass) from sheep which are shorn every nine to 12 months.  Impressively, it is biodegradable, unlike the synthetic alternatives.


I could go on about the non-allergenic properties and natural air purification properties, but I’ll sound like a commercial for New Zealand wool!  Hope this helps in your quest for the perfect carpet Jane!

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