Did you know emerald green is the color of the year?  What does that mean?  Do I rush out and put emerald green in all my client’s projects?  Nope.  I’ll add a punch of color to your decor like you do to your wardrobe, by using trend colors sparingly and interchangeably. When we decorate in all ‘en vogue’ colors or styles, then we fall prey to expensive long-term commitments that may be out of fashion in a blink.  I prefer to use a subtle hand with trends be they colors, tile styles, even wood finishes. I’ll add them carefully among classic pieces, just like with a clothing wardrobe.


Throw pillows are best friends for many reasons.  Emerald green today, bright blue tomorrow – easy!

The use of the green on the stairs is way too much! Although the lamp in the corner is a nice touch.

The use of the green on the stairs is a big commitment unless your favorite color is emerald green and it is an accent color throughout your home. I do like the lamp in the corner!

This is nice use of green with purple for a strong color palette while all the other decorations are subtle.

I love Mary McDonald’s style, and her room from last season’s Million Dollar Decorators is on my inspiration board.  This fashion forward decor makes sense as it is the sitting area of a clothing boutique in New York city.

Too many tonal greens as well as too many additional colors.

Too many greens here!  A less risky way to use this color is to pair it with a strong color such as purple or orange for a complementary tone. Although always in moderation!

A nice addition of color with curtains and a pop of green with the chair

This feels just right to me and I can see pulling this together for one of my current projects. It is a nice addition of color with the curtains and luxurious green velvet on the chair.  I wonder what the next color of the year will be?  I’m going to guess purple and this guess will be explained in a future post, so stay tuned.  Whatever the color,  ask yourself if you are still going to love it dressing your sofa in two years?  If you are trend conscious then add the color carefully into your home.  If you don’t know how to handle it or want an expert’s opinion, call me for advice!

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