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You’ve heard me go on and on about wallpaper this past year. It adds a great sense of depth and richness to a room that paint sometimes just can’t accomplish. For those of you DIYers eager to jump in and try something simple on your own I have found a solution that is easy and inexpensive to try.  Removable wallpaper!

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Wall decals are known for being kind of tacky and don’t adhere very well to the wall. But lucky for us, the last couple of years have brought better quality wallpaper with more amazing patterns and colors. This is a great way to spice up a design in between larger remodels. I have done some research and there are some great blogs out there that discuss their experiences with it such as the Oh Happy Day blog. Their experience was extremely helpful and all-encompassing when researching removable wallpaper.

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One of favorite uses for removable wallpaper is using it for a statement wall. It’s great to use in a neutral room to spice up the space. This wallpaper adds a lot to this black and white room. It takes bland to chic.

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I love how they used the removable wallpaper to add a small touch of color and Mediterranean feel to these stairs. It’s an easy fix to a small area where there’s not a lot of room for any larger decorations. The blue and white colors work really well with the rustic wood of the staircase.

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The last way I like using this wallpaper is by creating large framed wall pieces. If you love art but are unable to purchase any large pieces for your home, this is a great solution.  Pick a wallpaper that has a more distinct feel and use moldings or empty pre-made frames and place it around the wallpaper to that size, then voila! You have personalized art for your home at a fraction of the price.

You can find great removable wallpaper from the company Tempaper. They have a large variety of designs from basic chevron design to an intricate baroque feel. There are some more art inspired designs from the company, Murals Your Way. They also do customizable designs, where you can upload photos or even your own wallpaper designs to have something one of kind in your home! And of course at Etsy, they have tons of artists created designs to choose from.

With all of these great companies out there, the hardest part of the process might be choosing one design.  The great thing is you can change it as often as you’re willing to install it. Let me know what your removable wallpaper experience has been like and what designs are inspiring you.

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