Moroccan lighting is a highlight of this lovely English office by David Easton.

I love exploration and travel and I have been lucky enough to experience many places, both in and outside the country.


Spanish inspired furniture, Asian artwork, French armchair, Acoma Pueblo pottery.  Perfect. 

I’m not different from others who travel and bring back little treasures and newer understandings and appreciations.  I always hope to see a mix of furnishings and artwork in my client’s homes that reflect their take aways from adventures past or passions current. When I don’t see this mix, I gently suggest adding some visual texture as part of the design process — why not a Navajo rug in the media room? — and cross my fingers that I’m successful.  I’m not talking about ‘theme’ interiors, like an entire home devoted to a stylized Country French, or even a room fully adorned with Moroccan tiles, furnishings, and textiles.  I’m referring to an artful blend of regional and international styles and experiences.


Imported handmade Moroccan tiles in a Davis, CA pool house.

I imported hand-made Moroccan tiles for this very special project.  The home was anything but Moroccan with a mix of textures, motifs and takeaways from the homeowners world-wide travels, experiences and interests.


Early American (English inspired) secretary is a focal point of this contemporary California home.


French Toile on the windows, an Asian garden bench and Old World classic marble on the floor. A Barry Dixon jewel box!


Asian, English, Persian and a bit of Mid-Century Modern in another Barry Dixon interior. 

Barry Dixon is one of my favorite interior designers.  He is a southern gentleman who hails from Virginia by way of a childhood spent in far away lands like India, French Polynesia and South Africa.  His work reflects his well-traveled life and an artist’s eye in blending the colors, textures and motifs from across the globe.

Barry Dixon and Laura Neuman

I had the pleasure of meeting David a few years ago in San Francisco where he was launching his fabric line for Fabricut and promoting his new book.  He is, as expected, charming!


Barry Dixon again.  Classic, Contemporary and a bit of Asian and Morocco artfully blended.

These rooms inspire and push me to travel more, to learn and read more, to see more movies and to continue cultivating thoughtful and artfully blended interiors for myself and my clients.

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