Being an interior designer, I love color. It has the ability to take a design from good to fabulous.  I am always looking at ways to create color combinations in new and exciting ways and because I work closely with many vendors – especially the fabric vendors – I do get a sense of color directions coming down the line. As you have read in my previous post on the color of the year, Emerald, I advise incorporating the trendy colors very carefully, sometimes even avoiding them all together.

I came across an online resource called Color Forecast. It is a website that does up to the minute color forecasting from street shots of stylish people in Paris, Milan and Antwerp.   These are forecasts that look at what colors are going to be popular in fashion, graphic and interior design.  The color forecasting industry is very active and quite important to manufacturers who must commit to colors far in advance, from months to even years.

1d72f_color-forecastWhile looking for inspiration on upcoming trend colors, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and guess some trending colors. The first color I thought might be coming to the spotlight is a Mykonos blue. The colors I’ve seen trending are subtler and more subdued than previous jewel-toned or neon trend colors hitting us now. This shade of blue is bright but not overpowering. It also goes wonderfully with white, which adds a clean and fresh look to any room.


Another color that I think we’ll be seeing more of is Samba Red. It’s almost a berry red with a little dash of purple tones. This color works great to add warm tones to a room and to give an autumn feeling without depending on usual fall colors.


The last color that I’m expecting to see is called Linden Green. It’s an interesting color because it’s almost has a sand look to it with a hint of green. The great thing about this color is it’s multiplicity. It’s kind of like camouflage, in which it compliments what’s around it with it’s many underlying color tones.

002285378_10151515344308115_1571176171_nWhat colors do you expect to see?  Happy Friday –

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Emerald Green…Did You Know?

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