I’m excited to launch a fresh year of design inspiration with some fun on Pintrest.  The idea came to me as I realized I could use this tool to share a bit of the way I think when approaching my client projects. Like you and me, my clients have rich and varied histories — none of them are the same — and it is my job to curate, edit, even to cajole this uniqueness into an interior furnishings palette that is reflective, authentic and truly personal. Stylishly personal. Can’t forget the stylish part. To get at good design it is paramount that I know my client’s character — and knowing this is as important as a crunching out a functional space plan, a paint schedule, and even an ever-so-detailed elevation drawing. Where do my clients come from? What are their histories, their professions, what do they read/not read, wear/not wear. Do they have quiet lives or days full of frenzy?

So what you’ll see starting today on the PepperJack Pintrest site are character/design boards for a room I crafted three different ways, once each for three lovely and unique women: Kate, Emeline and Diana. These ladies are fictional characters, and I’d love to meet each and every one of them. They were inspired by an editorial assignment I had a few years back for the regional Style Magazine: show readers how one room could be styled three different ways without paint, new flooring or major renovations. Only furnishings.

I’ll be adding to each of the character/design boards in the coming weeks and will also be launching new character/design boards throughout the year. I hope you enjoy these characters as much as I do.

Diana loves to mix it up, the result of years of business and personal travel – a bit Asian, Native American, and even European. She loves history, fine art, her family and fortunately, her husband shares her tastes.  I’m guessing she drinks red wine, beautiful laugh lines around her eyes, and loves her steak medium rare:)

Traditional Interior Design by PepperJack for Style Magazine

Kate is a young professional with big ideas, and the moxie and quiet confidence to make things happen around her. She is single, has a tight group of loyal and interesting friends, and works hard. Kate works at home whenever she can because she likes the uninterrupted quiet;  no doubt she saves her hard-earned cash for planned travels and art splurges. Go, Kate, Go!

Contemporary Interiors by PepperJack Interiors for Style Magazine

She is wise in years and confident that her personal style and interests trump all trends.  (Pantone Color of the Year, mais non!) She is decidedly feminine but not afraid of getting dirt under her nails nor sweat on her brow as she is, after all, the daughter of a French farmer. (I imagine sunflowers, lavender, weather-worn skin.) Emeline embraces her adopted California lifestyle while cherishing her authentic heritage. Let’s have a cup of tea and talk Emeline!

PepperJack Interiors in Style Magazine

Enjoy, dear readers, and do let me know your thoughts on these characters as we move together through the year.

Happy New Year

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