A very special dressing area for a very special client is finally revealed.

Dave Adams Photography, Interior Designers Granite Bay CA, Barbara Barry Furniture

A backlit mirror from Electric Mirror and a dramatic chandelier light this lovely spot for prepping.  Her jewelry is neatly stored in shallow cabinets which flank the vanity.  (Yes, that is a Barbara Barry chair.)

Closet Design

Purses and shoes are both admired and easily selected for the outing or event.

Marble Bathroom Counter

This marble vanity counter with classic edge detailing will always be in style.

Cabinet Knobs, Crystal Knobs, Bathroom Wallpaper

I thought you’d enjoy this tight shot of the wallpaper and the sparkly knobs.  The knobs make my client smile each time she passes the space.

Dressing Room Renovation

This is what I started with as my client was moving into her new home.  I was thrilled when she agreed to my proposal to turn this area into something more useful and personal.  Hard to believe that the space started out like this, no?  My client and I are both delighted!

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