I was lucky to take in the 2014 Decorator Showcase in San Francisco over the holiday weekend.  I came away with my creative mind full for upcoming projects. Let me share some of my favorite takeaways.

SF Showcase

The artist studio spoke directly to my heart. Painted wood flooring, lots of beautiful art on what the designer called ‘deconstructed walls’ – essentially walls ripped nearly-bare of old wallpaper and left undone.


Art, art, and more art thoughtfully arranged.

SF Showcase

This room was one of many throughout the home with painted hardwood flooring.  Count me in.


I touched and examined all the window treatments and there were lots of double and triple layer arrangements.  This one with the outer drape lined in the same fabric as the Roman shade.


The music room was a standout for me.

SF Showcase

Casual elegance and traditional surroundings graced with contemporary touches.

SF Decorator Showcase

Note the elegant solution to an often clunky and unattractive fire screen.  Thick tempered glass seems perfect.


Moving on to an ensuite bathroom my eyes were immediately drawn to the floor.  These are small glass/porcelain mosaics. Not just for backsplashes.

SF Showcase

High-gloss furniture style vanity. Yes, the gold/antique brass metals were everywhere. Are you convinced that it is OK to add a bit of gold now?


Another bathroom showcasing a design element that I’ve been yearning to try with just the right project: artwork in place of the traditional mirror.  I saw this years ago in a neighbor’s home and was quite taken. This would be unrealistic for a main bathroom but an unexpected delight in a powder room. Put the mirror on another wall!

SF Showcase

This bronze lettering by artist Martin Bialas was a perfect wall treatment for this broad staircase landing.


And painted brick throughout the kitchen area. The brick is original, artwork all contemporary.

SF Showcase

And how many times do my clients and I fret over flooring transitions?  Always, but not anymore.  The designers just let it happen – carpet to wood, wood to wood, wood to tile, up and down and all around. Nothing seemed out of place.

Laura Larking Flooring

I saved my last stop for friend and interior designer Laura Larkin’s ‘Woman’s Office’.  Laura is one of the Bay Area’s leading interior designers and she offered me lots of encouragement and inspiration early in my career. I’m forever grateful to her.  Bravo Laura!


Bold teal, glass and sparkles everywhere.

Laura Larkin Showcase

Except on the ceiling where on first glance it appeared as though the original plaster ceiling remained.

Laura Larkin Showcase

A glance to the desk revealed that wallpaper from Elitis covered the ceiling.  Beautiful!

PepperJack Interiors Design Studio

Back in the PepperJack Interiors design studio this week with lots of fresh energy and new ideas.  I’m hoping my clients can keep up:)


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