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Projects Take. A. Long. Time.  Even if design recommendations and decisions are quick there is the pesky reality of the dreaded ‘back-order’.  It is August and this side-entrance foyer in a Granite Bay home I designed in February, yes February, is now nearly complete.   I’m sharing these phone pictures with you because I’m delighted with the result — professional photos to come!

Sunpan Modern

While I like to install everything at once for a big reveal the reality is that items can trickle in over a period of months.  Non-custom, stocked items ship quickly (area rug, lamp, chest, mirror), customized artwork can take up to 6 weeks from order date, and newly introduced and sought after items like this center table, leather stools and benches from Sunpan Modern Home may take up to 4 months from date of order.


By the time we realize there are backorder items the client and I are generally so tied to the original design that we opt not to reselect. Reselection is tricky: not only does it take costly time, the alternatives may throw off the overall design causing larger design changes, more reselections, more decisions.

Hooker, entry lighting

Then there is the construction-related items like these coat/backpack/life-stuff hanging systems I designed and which required the careful skill (and more time) of a vetted local tradesman.

Sunpan Modern Home, plexi wall art

So, I lend patience, regular calming assurances, and a drop of humor at just the right time, and all ends well.  This happy client/camper agrees!


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