I traveled to Los Angeles and San Diego last week and had the pleasure of staying in the lovely Hotel Palomar in downtown San Diego.  I’ve been fortunate to stay in the Palomar in San Francisco and Los Angeles and do so because there are always so many delightful, innovative, and inspirational interior finishes.  Let me take you on a quick peek at some on my most recent stay.

wood wall finish

These panels adorned the walls of each elevator.  A creamy resin with cross-cut branches suspended.  Very compelling in a Big Hunk candy bar kind of way. I arrived late at night and this finish was the first that registered with me.  Very cool.

leather wall finish

These leather walls flanked the reception counter.

metal wall finish

This is a metal inset panel in cabinetry.

shagreen wallpaper

Shagreen inspired wallpaper on the 8th floor corridor walls was oh-so-touchable.

greek key carpeting

With color coordinated greek key carpeting under foot. A classic take on a trendy motif that is working very well.

metal wall finish

Another wall finish on the wall of the elevator lobby.  Whew!  I’m dazzled and inspired but become confused a bit when…

lobby column decoration

I notice these glass bobbles and bead chains hanging from the lobby columns across from….


these cute bicycles (in front of another big wall finish!)…..


which are across from the hotel bar lobby…….

rock mosaic wall finish

whose walls are faced with a meandering rock/seashell and limestone mosaic.  Hmmmmm……Individually these last few finishes and touches work well but I must admit that they don’t work for me when put together and when placed next to other lovely finishes elsewhere.  I’m guessing the budget was huge and that a design team had great fun. Also that final approval was given after a long night of cocktails. This is one interior where a bit of restraint would have come in handy.  Sorry, Palomar, even though I’ll be cataloging the ideas for future use, this interior misses the mark in a very expensive way:(


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