I’m thrilled to be featured in this month’s House 2 Home magazine’s Designer’s Corner.  Editor Susan Belknap does a wonderful job of covering topics of interest to homeowners in the greater Sacramento area and it is a regional ‘go-to’ for homeowner’s working on improvements.

House2Home, Susan Belknap

In the article I talk about common reasons why people decide to remodel and I discussed a lovely family home once full of kids and activity; now still fun-filled, but an empty nest in need of a face-lift and repurposed spaces.  Sound familiar?


Here is the kitchen profiled in the article Before the remodel.  Yes, we all used to love those white washed cabinets, even the grape cluster motif.  Used to love them.  Quite a long time ago.

glass tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, dark cabinets

Ahhhh. The kitchen footprint remained the same, but I introduced dark contemporary cabinets and an up-to-date glass tile backsplash to change the look entirely.  Stainless steel continues to be the finish of choice for kitchen appliances.


Before: looking over the kitchen island towards the ubiquitous kitchen desk/clutter area.


Another shot of the Before.  Homeowners had their own home offices elsewhere and yearned for a space more conducive to entertaining and their current lifestyle.

cantinlevered shelving, pendant lights.

And After.  Two wine coolers and open shelving – and yes, always a bit of artwork when PepperJack is involved.  I repurposed the dated command center into a relaxed and inviting area for enjoying local wine and entertaining friends.

white washed cabinets, built-in tv

The kitchen and family room remain joined into a single great room.  This is a Before shot of the family room entertainment center wall: built-in TV, more white-washed cabinets, and plants growing out of the upper shelves.


And After the remodel.  I simplified the built-ins and created open shelving similar to those in the adjacent bar area to display family and travel-gathered treasures.  OK, there are still plants growing out of the upper shelves, perhaps we’ll always have these no matter the style!


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